We have opted to use Dyestar blank white biodegradable plastic cards.

Our biodegradable cards are made using the same material and resin as our standard PVC cards, but with a oxo-biodegradable additive which is mixed into the PVC plastic during production to make the PVC film biodegradable.

There are no adverse effects to the physical properties of the PVC and the performance of the biodegradable cards will maintain their integrity for as long as you use them.

The Biodegradation process actually occurs between nine months to three years once the cards are placed in a fertile, microorganism-rich environment like soil, a compost pile, or a waste site, leaving no damaging toxins.

This means that after you have finished with your Go card, wherever it may end up, be it on the ground, in a landfill, we can assure you that it will break down and completely biodegrade.