Can my partner/spouse be included on my Go membership?
No, each person needs to apply for their own card. 

Can my family use my Go card?
If you have dependents under the age of 16 you can apply to have them added to your card.  Dependents will not have their own card and can only benefit from the discounts and concessions when accompanied by the named card holder. 

Anyone over the age of 16 including spouses and partners will need to register for their own card. This card is not transferable and no more than one card will be issued to any person.

Can I apply in person for Go Membership at any of the participating venues?
No, all membership applications are now being processed on line.

Where can I use my Go Card?
Any of the participating venues listed here:  Assembly Hall Theatre, Trinity, Amelia, Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival, Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, The Weald Sports Centre, Putlands Sports and Leisure Centre.  Further venues may be added in the future.

How many tickets am I entitled to as a Go Card holder?
Each venue operates a different policy.  Please refer to the relevant website for specific details.  Please note the Assembly Hall Theatre operates a one ticket per card holder for over 16’s. 

What if I don’t have a computer/smart phone?
You can make an appointment at Gateway and our staff will be happy to help you upload your information.  Please bring a photo of your face and the relevant documentation to prove eligibility to the scheme.

What documents do I need to upload?
The most recent document proving you are in receipt of one of the following benefits:  this can be a scan, or a clear picture showing your name and address.  You will also need a photograph of your face. This will be used for your Go card. This can be a scan or a selfie. Your photo must be: clear and in focus; in colour; contain no other objects or people; taken against a plain light-coloured background

  • Universal Credit
  • Council Tax Support
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit
  • Student in full time education 16+

I already have a Go Card, can I still use it.
Yes, participating venues will still accept your card until the date expires on your card. 

How do I buy a ticket
Please make direct contact as each participating venue operates its own booking system. 

I already have a Go Card, can I still use it?
Yes participating venues will still accept your card if buy until it expires then apply for new.

I am a carer do I qualify for the discounted ticket?
Each venue operates a different policy.  Please refer to the relevant website and look for the Accessibility policy.

I am in receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), am I eligible for GO membership?
Not necessarily. You have to be on a low income and in receipt of other benefits to qualify.  People with special access needs who are not on low incomes can apply in the usual way for tickets to each venue.

I’ve just applied for my GO Card, when can I expect to receive it?
Please allow allow at least 2 weeks to process your application.

What happens if I lose my Go Card?
You will have to apply for a new card.  Please email info@gotunbridgewells.co.uk with your membership number and/or proof of entitlement.