1.  Bookings and discounts vary at each participating venue, please contact the venue directly if you wish to make a booking or have any queries. Tickets for events will not be sent out in advance, your Go card must be produced in order to receive your tickets at the venue and without the card normal charges will apply.  All tickets and events are subject to availability.
2. This is available to people living in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells.
3.  Only the named cardholder, (and children for whom you are the parent or legal guardian), may receive the discounts that the participating venue offers.
4.  The Go card is not transferable, nor does it hold any monetary or cash value.
5.  Only one Go card will be issued per person.
6.  If a cardholder changes any personal details such as name, address etc; you will be issued with a new Go card.  Documentation will need to be provided as proof.  Please contact apply@gotunbridgewells.co.uk to inform us of any changes.
7.  Each participating venue will include its own list of rules and regulations which must be observed and adhered to at all times.  For any queries please contact the participating venue directly.
8.  Go membership offers and discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts unless explicitly stated.
9.  Providing incorrect information with the intent of defrauding Tunbridge Wells Borough Council will result in appropriate action being taken.
10.  Tunbridge Wells Borough Council reserves the right to withdraw the Go card at any time.
11. Participating Venues reserve the right to withdraw from the Go card scheme and cease from providing the benefits at any time.
12.  The Go card may not be used for “Proof of Age.”
13. Once you have submitted your application online, and accepted the Terms of Conditions, you will be notified within 10 working days if your application has been successful.
14.  Your Go card is valid for one year from the date the card is issued.
15.  Your Go card is not automatically renewed and it is the responsibility of the cardholder to complete a new updated online application before it expires.
16.  You must be aged 16+ to apply for a Go card.